Emailing to Voters

Why it is nearly impossible to reach voters by email today?

Struggle of Email Campaigns

Struggling with political email campaigns? The rise of spam filters and difficulty obtaining current voter email addresses (not their Prodigy or CompuServe or Hotmail email addresses from when they first registered to vote) can make it feel impossible. Consumer-grade email platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Gmail won’t work for political emails to the voter file – there is a nearly 100% risk of being kicked off, throttled, or blacklisted.

New Gmail and other email companies make it impossible to do political mail without complex rules

On October 3, 2023, Google and Yahoo announced requirements that email senders must have in place beginning February 2024. If your campaign sends 5,000 messages or more into either of the world’s largest mailbox providers, your email will not get delivered or put in spam / junk!  This includes messages sent on behalf of your organization by third-party email service providers like Constant Contact and MailChimp that use your email domain. Voter.Vote can get your email delivered by following the strict requirements of Google and Yahoo

Outdated Emails

The Registrar of Voters typically prompts voters for email and phone updates only during their initial registration. Subsequent moves only capture address changes, leaving outdated email addresses from services like Prodigy or CompuServe. Utilizing these antiquated emails in campaigns may lead to bans, throttling, or blacklisting on platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact. This issue is particularly prevalent given that a majority of registered voters are of an older demographic and may have longstanding registrations. Choose our platform for updated and accurate political data. 

Voter.Vote’s Solution

We take a better approach.  First we clean out old, non-working email addresses in the voter file. Then uniquely we filter out email addresses of those who block, report as spam or unsubscribe to political emails. Then, we augment the voter file with commercial services that update emails to the most current email address. Additionally, we find email addresses for many voters who do not even have email addresses in the voter file.  Our specialized political email platform allows you to reach likely voters with tailored messages. Designed for political campaigns, our platform offers tailored features and capabilities. Reach important voters without limitations of consumer-grade solutions. 

Finding and Delivering Voters

Our platform features advanced segmentation and targeting options to reach the right voters with tailored messages. High deliverability rates and the ability to send targeted messages that actually interest voters, causes voters to open your emails, ensure your emails reach likely voters. Our expert team designs and executes effective email campaigns that drive results. 

We work with experienced email senders who won’t kick you off if you follow our rules. We help update your website and DNS records to follow the most current email regulations and rules of Google, Yahoo, and most other email companies. Our platform delivers emails to highly targeted, likely voters who haven’t voted yet. We also create “inside baseball” lists from your contacts for fundraising.

Cost Effective

Email and texting is the most cost-effective way to reach voters. For the price of one direct mail piece, we can reach multiple numbers of truly likely voters, just before they likely will vote. Our reasonable setup fee covers email setup and includes a proprietary list of likely voters as well as when they will likely vote. We charge a per-template fee plus the cost of email advertising with a fair markup. No need to worry about technical details like Domain Keys, DNS records, IP addresses, or Spamhaus.

Overcome political email challenges and reach important voters with our specialized platform built for political campaigns. Sign up now to start seeing results.


FAQ on Political Email

If you try this, you:

  • You will likely end up on a spammer list. You will not even be able to send routine email from your email address.
  • Your email will not get delivered to voters and end up nowhere.
  • Your email will end up in junk or voters spam folders.

When you use Voter.Vote, your emails will actually be delivered to likely voters in your race and delivered at the right time – just before each individual voters will likely vote, thus keeping you top of mind. 

Did you know that Gmail has a daily limit on the number of emails you can send? If you’re a regular user, you may find that the limit of 100 emails per day can be quite restrictive, particularly if you need to send out multiple messages for work or personal reasons. It’s always a good idea to keep this limitation in mind as you plan your communications, so you don’t run into any issues with sending any messages. However, if you need to send more than 100 emails per day, you may want to consider looking into other email services that don’t have this same limitation. Ultimately, the important thing is to work within the constraints of your email provider and find ways to communicate effectively and efficiently.

We use third-party databases to find voter email addresses (email append) who have not listed their email addresses at the Register of Voters (as well as update old non-working email addresses). Only a minority of voters have their most current email addresses in the voter file. We find email addresses first for those who do not even list an email addresses.

This is a free service we offer those using our email advertising services.

By using third party databases, we find as many emails for a person as we can. Then we “cull” those emails for those that are not usable and only send messages to those email address that are the most current.

This is a free part of our email service.

No, because we remove daily those people who have voted already from any subsequent emailings – as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising, texting, online display advertising and expensive direct mail campaign, thus saving you money

We also remove folks that have moved or passed away before you spend money reaching them.

We understand that when it comes to email marketing, it’s important to get your messaging and targeting just right. That’s why we offer you a choice: you can create your own email blast, or we can do it for you. Of course, we always recommend that you create your own email blast, because no one knows your company’s unique voice and brand identity better than you or your consultant. However, we also understand that you may be short on time or resources. That’s where we come in! We provide you with a handy template to fill out, and then we take care of the rest at a low cost per email blast. Our goal is to make sure that you reach your target audience with a message that’s tailored specifically to their needs, while keeping your costs low and your results high.

We have an algorithm on when (not time of day only but based on when they likely will vote) to send out emails based our a proprietary algorithm that takes into account when the voter has voted in the past, what type of election this is (primary, general or special), historical factors in their precinct, their demographics, etc.

Sending mass political  emails is a complex matter.

Do you know about which email senders work with political candidates and which ones will not?

Do you know about SPF & DKIM Authentication? SPF & DKIM are authentication systems that tell Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like Gmail and Yahoo, that incoming mail has been sent from an authorized system, and that it is not spam or email spoofing.

To send email effectively, you will need to setup your SPF & DKIM authentication for each of your sending domains.  Have you done that?

Do you have your own IP addresses to send out email?

  1. We work with you to update DNS information associated with your campaign domain name, so that email companies know that we are a real company, not a spammer
    1. No need to learn about DNS records, Domain keys, DKIM, SPF records, etc.
  2. We augment the voter file for those who did not list their email addresses.
  3. We add alternative email addresses and additional email addresses to voters in the voter file
  4. We work with email “rendering” companies who know how to work with political campaigns
  5. We  “clean” from the voter file of the following:
    1. Domains that do not exist anymore
    2. Domains that do not take emails
    3. Domains that take emails but do not have the given email address listed
    4. Email addresses of those who have frequently unsubscribe to emails
    5. Email addresses of those who have frequently unsubscribed to political emails (we have a large proprietary database)
    6. Email addresses of those who have frequently mark email as SPAM
    7. Email addresses of those who have frequently mark political emails as SPAM  (we also have a large proprietary database)
  6. Link email addresses to our demographic database for that person
  7. Keep track of folks who have opened your email
  8. Keep track of folks who have clicked to your website

Direct mail marketing campaigns can often be quite costly. For example, sending out physical mail to prospective voters can cost over $1.25 for each piece sent. However, utilizing email marketing strategies can be not only cost-effective but also highly efficient. By utilizing targeted email lists, campaigns can reach voters immediately and in a more personalized way than through traditional mail. Additionally, email marketing allows for more flexibility and creativity in design and messaging compared to direct mail. Moreover, emails have a greater chance of being read and acted upon compared to physical mail that often ends up in the trash without even being opened. Overall, campaigns can benefit greatly by considering email marketing as a viable and cost-effective option to reach their target audience.

See our pricing page

  • Email set up fee covers email setup and money saving “proprietary list of voters who will vote (and when) in your election.”
  • Per template fee
  • You pay us cost of email advertising.

Let’s say you are running in a school board race. Here are some things we can do for you in an email campaign:

  • You might want to give those with kids in schools a different message than those without kids in school.
  • You might want to give women voters a list of women endorsers
  • You might want to give a certain ethnic groups a message in their own language or with endorsers from those ethnic groups or messages that support their concerns

Targeted emails are more likely to be remembered and more effective.


Almost any targeting! This includes:

  1. Truly likely voters
  2. Voters who our AI algorithm indicate will vote in the next few days
  3. By age
  4. By gender
  5. By birthplace
  6. By political party (actual or likely)
  7. By homeownership, by rental by mobile home
  8. Many more types of targeting

Certainly! We, as a competent and efficient team, take pride in assisting you with your needs, specifically in creating an “inside baseball” or fundraising email list. We assure you that our support and guidance will result in a comprehensive and tailored email list that will cater to your requirements and help you achieve your desired outcomes. Our understanding of the importance of communication and outreach in today’s world drives us to ensure that you receive the most valuable and efficient services. With our expertise, you can rely on us to provide you with a unique and exceptional approach in creating the email list that suits your specific needs.

We ensure that we constantly add newly registered voters who have joined since the inception of our campaign, making sure that we reach out to them and keep them informed. Similarly, we also work equally hard to keep our database clean and tidy by promptly removing individuals who have moved or passed away and, therefore, can no longer participate in the voting process. We understand the importance of having an up-to-date and accurate database to ensure that we reach the right people and achieve our campaign goals effectively. Therefore, we take our responsibility seriously to provide a reliable platform for our supporters, so they can confidently put their trust in the integrity of our team.