Voter Data Reimagined

Why Accurate Voter Data Matters

At Voter.Vote, we champion the importance of accurate voter data and political data for any successful political campaign or organization. While our advertising and outreach services are top-notch, we recognize the value some clients place on possessing their own set of voter data.

Quality and Diverse Voter Data Offerings

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, cleaned, enhanced and verified voter data. Clients enjoy the flexibility to opt for a variety of formats, such as .csv, .txt, or Excel, all at a cost that competes fiercely with other data providers. It’s worth noting that these rivals don’t even match our offerings in email, text, and social media advertising.

Updated and Comprehensive Data

Bid goodbye to the worries of outdated contacts. Our commitment to regular updates ensures you get the best in both quality and quantity. Our voter data doesn’t stop at basic contact details. We provide added features like verified email addresses, new cell phone numbers, and pertinent social media data. Our dedicated team employs advanced algorithms to gather data from various sources and cross-references the results for the utmost accuracy.

Support and Reliability is not just about providing data; it’s about ensuring our clients can navigate it. Our outstanding product support means all your questions and concerns are met promptly. Trusted by political endeavors nationwide, we’re confident that our data’s precision and comprehensiveness will keep you coming back.

Value and Exclusive Offers

We’re attuned to the budgetary constraints of campaigns. We will not be beat on price as we will beat any price quote from our any competitor. Here’s our exclusive proposition: Spend $10,000 on our advertising services, and we’ll throw in our voter data at no extra charge. This unparalleled offer is yours for the taking only at

One Hour of Free Data Usage Consulting

Unsure on how to use the data you purchased? We give you one hour free zoom, phone or texting based consulting on the practical usage of voter data.

Choose Voter.Vote

Commit to success. Choose Voter.Vote for your voter data requirements, and we guarantee satisfaction on every front! ,

We charge you less money but give you more! What does this mean? 

Competitive Pricing: We guarantee our prices to be lower than competitors like PDI, NGP Van, L2, and others.

User-friendly Interface: No need to decipher obscure codes like NOT 1+AV, NEVER VBM, VOTED 11/16 G., or UNIVERSE 24P7. Our platform is straightforward and easy to navigate.

Continuous Updates: While others may offer a single download, we provide free updates as we update the data, leading up to the election date.

Email Integration: Our platform not only integrates with email senders, but also ensures the email addresses are valid. Plus, we work to keep you off spam lists, when also finding the most current email address for the voter.

Texting Services Integration: Reach your audience more directly with our integrated texting services. We have gotten rid of bad phone numbers and landline numbers and augmented our data with current cell phone numbers when available.

Social Media Compatibility: We make it easier for you to connect with your audience by integrating with platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Reach voters, not followers!

Up-to-date Census Info: Stay informed with the latest census data to make well-informed decisions.

Cutting-edge Canvassing Software: Our integration with state-of-the-art canvassing software ensures your campaign is effective and efficient.

Political Leaning Estimation: We go the extra mile to estimate the true political leanings of those who are Decline-To-State (DTS) or No Political Party (NPP).

Advanced Voter Screening: Our refined screening process identifies the truly likely voters. We don’t just settle for the usual 4 out of 4 voter screenings.

At Voter.Vote, we prioritize your campaign’s success. Our data is available in various formats, including Excel, XLS, PDF, CSV, and TXT, tailored to your unique needs. Seamlessly integrate our robust data into your campaign infrastructure for optimal outcomes. With Voter.Vote, choose the data solution that elevates your political strategy. Your campaign’s edge is just a click away.

Absolutely! At, we recognize the need for managing complex data structures. Our platform is tailored to process intricate data fields, ensuring easy integration with your existing systems. This means richer insights and smarter campaign decisions for you. And if you need a more personalized touch – we are happy to provide custom selections tailored to your needs. Your success is our goal.

Yes! Our software is designed to streamline the canvassing process by providing you with a detailed list of potential voters that can be easily imported into your canvassing software. This feature not only saves you time, but it also ensures that you are targeting the right individuals for your campaign.

Our lists are in a format that is compatible with a wide range of canvassing software partners, which makes it easy for you to seamlessly integrate our data into your existing workflows. Additionally, our lists can be easily read by any software that is capable of reading addresses and names.

We understand how important it is to have access to accurate and up-to-date information, which is why we take great care ensuring that our lists are regularly updated and verified. With our canvassing software, you can be confident that you are getting the most comprehensive and reliable data available.

Unlike other providers this functionality is complete free.

Yes and we do not charge extra for it.