Text voters in a non-irritating way

Introducing the Voter.Vote Block List

Are you concerned that you will get negative feedback from texting voters?  One part of the solution (along with texting them information that is targeted to them), is not to send text to those that have complained about political texting. We have complied a list of those that complain about receiving texts and will not send your text to them even if they are not on Do Not Call lists.

Outreach to Accurate Numbers

We use AI-based targeting methods to identify truly likely voters, estimating both who are likely to vote in your election and when they will vote. We then screen out landline, VOIP lines and non working lines, thus, you reach more voters without getting charged for failed attempts. 

Automatic Processing

Our platform also handles complaints and compliments automatically, making the process even more efficient. Imagine, in a city council contest, being able to send a message in a non-English speaker’s native tongue. The effectiveness of that message would be very high.

We automatically remove those voters who have voted already as soon as the ROVs (Register of Voters) make that information available. Additionally, we remove those voters who have stated their preferences (either for a candidate or against them), thus minimizing complaints.

No More Outdated Phone Numbers

Are you struggling to reach voters through text messaging? Only a minority of voters list any phone number in the voter file. Of those, these voters tend to be older and have landlines (not cell phones) listed in the voter file.  Even though texting is the most cost-effective method to reach voters (assuming it is not-irritating), it feels like an impossible task to reach voters. But at Voter.Vote, we’ve found a solution.

Don’t let the challenges of reaching voters through text messaging hold you back. With Voter.Vote, you can reach truly likely voters with targeted and effective messages, right before they vote. Sign up today and start seeing results with text messaging campaigns.



Political texting


FAQ on texting to voters here

We want to communicate well with voters. We think it’s important to be clear and respectful. People are busy, but still want useful information that interests them. We use special computer technology to make sure each message we send matches what a voter has done before and what they like. This helps our messages be more helpful and more likely to be appreciated. Good communication is very important to make good relationships with our community. So, we do our best to make messages that work well for our voters.

When it comes to voter outreach, relying solely on the voter files can be quite limiting, as a large number of voters do not include their phone numbers on the file. Moreover, studies show that those who do include phone numbers tend to be of an older demographic, with landline phones. However, there is a solution to this problem, one that greatly enhances the reach and effectiveness of your voter outreach campaign. Thanks to cutting-edge databases, you can now easily translate addresses into cell phone numbers. This means that you can reach out to a wider range of voters, including those who wouldn’t otherwise be accessible through traditional communication methods.

While there’s no doubt that texting has become one of the most popular and effective tools for campaigners to stay in touch with their voters, the world of mobile messaging has evolved dramatically over the years. Nowadays, candidates need to be more strategic than ever when it comes to crafting their texts, especially if they want to ensure they’re reaching the right audience with the right message. Thankfully, with Voter.Vote, all of the guesswork is taken out of the equation. With our easy-to-use platform, you can quickly and easily craft hyper-targeted text messages that speak directly to your audience, whether you’re looking to answer an opponent’s charge, give an update on your latest campaign event, raise funds, or highlight a new endorsement. Whatever your needs, Voter.Vote has you covered, so you can reach your voters where they are and ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

As a responsible election authority, we understand that ensuring the integrity of our voting process is of utmost importance. In order to uphold that integrity, we have implemented a rigorous system of identifying and screening voters who have already cast their vote. This system is not restricted to just text messages but extends to all channels of communication, including social media, email, and direct mail. Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure that our voter database is up-to-date and accurate, so we can prevent any instances of double voting or other fraudulent activities.

Almost any targeting! This includes:

  1. Truly likely voters
  2. Voters who our AI algorithm indicate will vote in the next few days
  3. By age
  4. By gender
  5. By birthplace
  6. By political party (actual or likely)
  7. By homeownership, by rental by mobile home
  8. Many more types of targeting

Pennies per message.

Yes and we can target non-English speakers for you at no additional cost.

Yes, there is an option for the voter to opt out of text messaging. We keep a master list from all the campaigns in your areas that we have assisted. Thus voters who have complained about political texts in the past will not receive messages.

We usually use Scale to Win for our backend.  However here are some of the differences you receive by working with us directly

  • We work with all candidates who are not extremists including Decline To State (DTS) / No Political Preference (NPP) and Republicans. Scale to Win only works with Democrats.
  • For Democrats, we charge the same as they do ($0.05 per message with no responses to messages and $0.09 for responses to messages).
  • We give you campaign specific custom responses. Scale to Win gives generic responses.
  • We know how to craft the actual messages – and we work with your political consultant if you have one.
  • We help you through the constantly changing regulations around texting.
  • We pre-clean the phone numbers using our own algorithms targeted at your contest.
  • We have our own data, with no need for your campaign to use expensive third parties.
  • We can do very custom selections than are not available with other vendors – think couples in politically mixed households.
  • We track you across media types so that you can for example not send physical mail to those that interact with your text messaging.