Micro Targeting

Engage Effectively With Micro-Targeted Emails, Text, and Social Media

Micro targeting voters

Segmenting Voters

Being able to target or segment voters is key to any election victory. Voters have different wants, needs and likes. With our advanced voter micro-targeting and segmentation techniques, your campaign will be able to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. No more wasting resources on a one-size-fits-all approach. By understanding voter demographics, interests, and behaviors, your campaign can tailor its message to specific segments of the electorate. This not only increases the chances of success, but also makes your campaign more efficient and cost-effective. Take control of your campaign’s destiny and invest in targeted voter segmentation and targeting with us today.

We can target on the the traditional segments in the voter: age, registered political party and where the voter was born but more subtle targets:

  • Gender
  • Likelihood of voting based on our proprietary AI algorithm
  • True political leaning of the Decline To State (DTS) or No Political Party (NPP), Non Partisan, Independent, Undetermined
  • Actual emails addresses that actually get delivered to the index and do not get you on spam lists
  • Nationality and race
  • Education and Income
  • Many others! Find out today


Targeting FAQ

Certainly. It is important to consider women voters when strategizing for your election. By prioritizing efforts to reach and engage with this demographic, you can increase the likelihood of their participation at the ballot box. It is also crucial to connect with them in a timely manner, ensuring that they are informed and motivated to vote when the time comes.
It is recommended to attempt outreach to non-voters in addition to the typical target audience of likely voters. This approach distinguishes your campaign from others and provides an opportunity to communicate with an audience that may not receive messaging from other campaigns. By developing persuasive messaging, there is the potential to convert these unlikely voters into engaged and supportive constituents, increasing the likelihood of campaign success.

As part of our impeccable service standards, we are pleased to inform you that target outreach activities are included at no additional cost.

Yes, we have multiple ways to do that.  We can use what language they request their ballot to be in, where they were born, what third parties services tell us and even what is happening in their census block.

The cost is free.

Certainly. We are able to categorize our data to distinguish homeowners both young and old, renters, and individuals residing in mobile homes. As for the cost, this service is complimentary.