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The Problem

Voter.Vote social media post example

In today’s political landscape, a robust social media presence is paramount. These strategies miss the mark in reaching likely voters. Most voters are not followers or friends of followers. Thus, they are missed on Facebook and Instagram posts. However, there’s a prevailing misconception: solely relying on Facebook and Instagram might limit your reach. Traditional posts only engage existing friends or followers. Even with boosted posts, you’re likely only extending your reach to their connections.  

Moreover, normal or boosted Facebook and Instagram posts, stories, and reels don’t allow for targeting based on individual voter preferences or timely outreach when a voter is on the brink of casting their vote. In essence, relying solely on standard or even boosted posts, stories, and reels can often feel like an “inside baseball” approach, catering mainly to your existing audience. 

And there’s another layer of complexity: ensuring your campaign is authorized or verified for these platforms, a process that can be daunting and restrictive.

The intricate world of advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be overwhelming. The plethora of options in advertising centers and business settings can easily leave anyone feeling lost and stressed.

Are you feeling swamped by this complexity? Seeking a streamlined, effective strategy to reach the right voters at the right time?

Our Solution


In the vast world of social media, targeting can make or break a campaign. Our expertise helps you gain voters, not just followers. Imagine running for the school board and ensuring that your post about educational reforms is seen by likely voters who have children in school. At the same time, you can address fiscal responsibility and taxes to those voters without children. With Voter.Vote’s precision targeting, this is now within reach. Plus, seamlessly “retarget” voters once they exit Facebook or Instagram.

Navigating the intricacies of social media advertising might not be everyone’s forte. At Voter.Vote, we’re dedicated to demystifying this process for you. Our platform handles all the behind-the-scenes technicalities, allowing you to concentrate on crafting compelling ads that amplify your message.

Through our intuitive interface, even those new to advertising can confidently set up and roll out their campaigns. From crafting custom audience lists and choosing specific targeting features to setting budgets, everything is merely a few clicks away. And should you need any assistance, our seasoned team is on standby to assist, from ad design to holistic campaign management.

Don’t let the intricacies of social media advertising deter you. Embrace our expertise and let us handle the nitty-gritty, so you can stay laser-focused on your campaign’s success. Dive into the transformative world of Instagram and Facebook advertising with Voter.Vote.

When it comes to costs, we believe in transparency. We have an upfront set-up fee that includes regulatory campaign verification — mandated by Meta — and our exclusive algorithm to identify and predict your election’s voting patterns. Beyond this, you’ll be billed for the advertising expenses and a standard advertising override. So, why wait? Embark on a journey to smarter campaigning today!


Social Media Capabilities FAQ

You can, but who will read those posts? Will they go to truly likely voters in your contest or:

  • Followers or friends who are not voters in your election
  • Only the followers or friends  you have already
  • Followers or friends who are not likely to vote
  • Followers or friends who have voted already
  • These posts are untargeted. For example, if you are running for school board, you likely want to message older voters with no children in school who might care about fiscal responsibility. This is a different target than those with children in the schools who care more about curriculum.
  • New voters since you have started your campaign and got the voter file?

You can, but who will read those posts? Boosting a post only goes to the friends of your existing followers (such as that person who lives across the country they went to elementary school with). So your paid posts will likely reach voters who:

  • Who are not voters in your contest
  • Followers who are not likely to vote
  • Followers who have voted already
  • New voters who have registered since you started your campaign
  • These posts are untargeted. For example, if you are running for school board, you likely want to message older voters with no children in school who might care about fiscal responsibility differently than those with children in the schools who care more about curriculum.

We understand that the process of getting verified on social media can be complex, even for those with experience. We are pleased to inform you that we can provide assistance to help you become verified on Facebook and Instagram. We at Voter.Vote are here to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly and efficiently with minimal inconvenience on your part. Our team of experts will assist you with your verification at a nominal setup fee to ensure that the cost remains affordable to you.

At our company, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services to assist you every step of the way when it comes to advertising. We understand how important it is to have a verified and legitimate presence online, which is why we go above and beyond to help you achieve this. Our team is dedicated to targeting your message to your specific audience, ensuring that your message is received by the right people. 

We understand the time and effort that it takes to create amazing content and that’s why we are here to help you get it uploaded and ready for the world to see. Once your creative is ready, we take care of advertisement placement to ensure maximum exposure. And once your ad is running, we provide you with detailed engagement statistics so that you can track your progress and measure your success. We are committed to helping you throughout your entire advertising journey and making sure that you achieve your goals.

Our platform offers numerous options for advertising. However, based on our experience with the highest success rates, we strongly recommend using the standard Facebook or Instagram formats. These formats have proven to be the most effective in reaching your target audience.

That being said, we understand that creating an advertisement can be a daunting task, so if you prefer, we can also create it for you for a reasonable fee. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that the advertisement is tailored to your specific needs and goals, guaranteeing maximum impact for your brand.

Almost any targeting! This includes:

  1. Truly likely voters
  2. Voters who our algorithm indicates will vote in the next few days
  3. By age
  4. By gender
  5. By birthplace
  6. By political party (actual or likely)
  7. By homeownership, by being an renter and  by living in a mobile home
  8. Many more types of targeting

Many campaign professionals who come from technical backgrounds often find themselves struggling to navigate the numerous advertising centers, business accounts, screens, and settings within the Meta platform. The sheer complexity of the system can be overwhelming, leaving even the most seasoned professionals feeling lost and uncertain.

If you are tasked with managing the technical side of your company’s Meta advertising campaigns, it’s essential that you have a strong working knowledge of the platform and its various APIs. Without this knowledge, you may find yourself struggling to achieve the results you need and may even risk wasting valuable time and resources.

If you or your team lack this essential knowledge, don’t despair! Help is available. Contact us today, and our team of experienced Meta experts will be happy to assist in any way we can. With our guidance, you’ll be well on your way to building successful, effective campaigns that drive real results.

Our pricing structure includes the cost of advertising on Instagram and Facebook, along with a standard agency override. Additionally, there may be a one-time setup fee. We strive to provide transparent pricing and will work with you to create an advertising plan that fits within your budget and achieves your business objectives. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our pricing or services. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help your business succeed.

You save money because you are not advertising to the following:

  • Followers who are not voters in your election
  • Followers who are not likely to vote
  • Followers who have voted already
  • New voters who have registered since you started your campaign
  • Un-targeted messaging which is not cost effective