Other Campaign Services We Offer

Campaign Services also by Voter.Vote

Campaign starter package

While we prefer you set your own campaign strategy and you use a political campaign consultant for such, we know not every campaign has access to these services. So we offer other campaign services including we can help you with strategy either with an hourly rate or by using our campaign starter kit. Our campaign starter kit includes:

  • Streamlining your candidate registration process with the state and the county register of voters.
  • Help you complete any required IRS forms. 
  • Assist you in opening a campaign bank account.
  • Guiding your campaign branding.
  • Assisting in campaign name selection.
  • Connecting you with experienced campaign treasurers.
  • Setting up digital fundraising platforms like Act Blue.
  • Securing a unique domain for your campaign’s online presence.
  • Designing a comprehensive WordPress campaign website, hosted until the general election.
    • Features include a homepage, policy insights, endorsements, legalities, privacy safeguards, and a dedicated donations/contact section.
  • Establishing and verifying your legal presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Launching and managing your email outreach initiatives.
  • Providing foundational campaign strategy consultation.

Hourly Creative Services

While we prefer you have your own graphic art and creative services, we know not every campaign has access to these services. We can help you with creative services including:

  • Crafting and refining your messaging aligned with campaign strategy and audience targeting.
  • Deploying email campaigns, text alerts, and curated social media posts to engage genuine voters.
  • Designing standout graphics for logos, yard signs, direct mailers, and other campaign materials.
  • Partnering you with reliable printers (both union and non-union) for essential campaign collateral such as direct mail, yard signs, and canvassing materials.
  • Producing optimized advertisements for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and popular display networks.
  • Establishing a robust presence with tailored campaign pages across major social media platforms.

Check the price list for costs!